Space Race: Detailed Description

Players are future space commanders employed by different countries from planet Earth, on a quest to dominate the universe by conquering other human races, as well as alien races, ultimately taking part in a space race of epic proportions.  These commanders navigate a spaceship through the depths of space in an effort to explore and colonize a plethora of planets, all the while deciding whether to avoid or befriend three alien races and/or other human commanders.  While all commanders begin in the center of the board, on planet Earth, each is free to devise his/her own travel routes and to explore space as s/he pleases.  Each planet offers a unique combination of colonial and scientific resources, which commanders must discover and subsequently prioritize.  As commanders explore space, they must decide whether to colonize a planet (if the opportunity presents itself) or to deploy a scientist on the planet instead (scientists allow commanders to become familiar with the chemical elements present on planets, and help them elicit awesome technology in the process).  Other alternatives present themselves along the way, including the presence of great astronomers.  Commanders must manage a crew of scientists, governors, and military generals, each of whom serve various functions and help to win the game in unique ways.  They may also choose to befriend other commanders in an effort to trade scientific resources and information.  The game ends as soon as one commander establishes civilian colonies on a predetermined number of planets, which is dictated by the number of people playing.  At that point, the winner of the game is the country or alien race with the largest population in space (regardless of the total number of planets inhabited).

Space Race: Prototype Photos

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