Fantasy Football: The Board Game: Detailed Description

Fantasy Football: The Board Game is a two-player football game, where each player takes control of one team.  Players first draft teams—by selecting players from those available and placing the players’ corresponding Player cards on their side of the game board—and then pit them against each other.  Each team must draft 10 positions, five on offense (QB, RB, TE, WR and OL) and five on defense (DL, MLB, OLB, CB and S), as well as a head coach.   Each player in the game is rated in eight categories corresponding to the position he plays (e.g. all QBs have ratings for awareness, reliability, clutch, arm strength, technique, short pass accuracy, long pass accuracy and run/scramble).  Head coaches have special teams ratings associated with them (which dictate their team’s field goal range, their team’s punt distance and where the opposition starts when it receives the ball on a kickoff), and some also have unique traits (e.g. “Defensive Genius”), which offer various advantages during gameplay.  A game consists of four quarters, and each quarter consists of 10 plays.  During each play, both the offense and the defense must chose a formation (Goal Line, I-formation, Pro Set, Single Back, Pistol and Shotgun are available on offense, and Goal Line, 4-4, 5-2, 4-3, 3-4, Nickel and Dime are available on defense) and a scheme (Inside Run, Outside Run, Short Pass or Long Pass on offense, and Run Coverage, Run Blitz, Pass Coverage or Pass Blitz on defense), which will modify the outcome of the play.  An offensive Play card and a defensive Play card corresponding to the offensive scheme chosen (e.g. Inside Run) are also drawn, and these, in turn, indicate specific ratings from both teams (e.g. RB—Speed and MLB—Strength) that will affect the outcome of the play as well.  During the different phases of a play, teams may also play Tactics cards, which grant significant special abilities that can be used once during the game (the number of Tactics cards a team begins the game with is determined by the sum of the awareness ratings of all the players comprising it).  Naturally, the winner of the game is the team with the most points at the end of the game.

Fantasy Football: The Board Game: Prototype Photos

Fantasy Football: The Board Game: Playtesting Photos

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