Truckin’: Detailed Description

Players assume the role of independent truck drivers (i.e. “truckers”) that deliver cargo for major motor carriers.  They must traverse a map consisting of six states using highways and interstates in order to pick up and deliver cargo to and from various cities located in these states.  The cargo that truckers pick up and deliver comes in various weights, and players earn money based on the weight of their deliveries, as well as the distances between the cities they pick up cargo from and the cities they deliver it to.  Along the way, players will need to plan their routes carefully, taking into account where they will need to stop for gas or to buy upgrades for their trucks, not to mention which routes will allow them to make the most expedient deliveries.  Players must also be careful not to exceed their weight limit, or else they will risk penalties at weigh stations.  The winner of the game is the first player to return to his/her hometown with $100,000.  At the beginning of the game, six small game boards (corresponding to the six states) are randomly adjoined, which results in a unique game experience every time the game is played.

Truckin’: Prototype Photos

Truckin’: Playtesting Photos

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