Thug Life (MATURE): Detailed Description

Players are “shot callers” (i.e. gang bosses) seeking to garner the most respect by amassing material wealth, eliminating rival gangs, and controlling the city’s three neighborhoods.  Shot callers must engage in a variety of activities prominent in thug life, such as “putting in work” for the gang (i.e. attacking rival gangs), stealing cars, selling drugs, and carrying out hits.  As gang bosses, players call all the shots for their respective gangs, deciding what criminal activities their gang will emphasize, as well as dictating relations with rival gangs.  There are three ways to win the game: 1) eliminate all rival gangs, 2) control all three neighborhoods at one time or 3) have the most equity at the end of twelve rounds (cars, cash, drugs, homes, & weapons).

Thug Life (MATURE): Overview

Thug Life (MATURE): Prototype Photos