Explorers: Detailed Description

In Explorers, players lead a clan exploring a vast and dangerous land, seeking to score the most Exploration points.  Clans can score Exploration points in a variety of ways, but the primary way in which they do so is by collecting resources that they discover during exploration and then using those resources to complete construction projects, such as Settlements, Monuments, Goldmines, Ranches, and Trading Posts.  Additionally, clans can construct roads, which allow for quicker travel, and weapons, which are necessary to ward off savages and other tribes.  Each kind of construction project requires different kinds of resources, as well as, in many cases, different kinds of land terrains, and they each net tribes Exploration points based on the difficulty of building them.  The game ends when any of the following occurs: 1) one clan scores 100 Exploration points (at which point they are declared the victor), 2) one clan places all 10 of their clan members on the board (at which point the clan with the most Exploration points wins) or 3) all 100 Land tiles have been turned over (at which point the clan with the most Exploration points wins).

Explorers: Prototype Photos

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