The American Dream: Detailed Description

In The American Dream, each player controls the fate of a traditional American family trying to work its way from rags to riches.  Beginning the game with next to nothing, families aspire to make money, buy material possessions (e.g. cars, mansions, and pet lions), and satiate their desires for a social life and family time, all the while striving to remain physically and mentally healthy…and, of course, happy.  Players will need to choose two occupations for their family’s primary caretakers, and each occupation offers a unique benefit during gameplay.  A scoreboard details the seven categories of competition (i.e. Happiness, Family Time, Health, Intelligence, Social Life, Bank Account and Material Possessions) and who’s winning them at all times.  Games last for six rounds, and three phases—Event, Consequence and Activity—comprise each round.  During the Event phase of each round, various events take place that can help or hurt families, depending on their ratings in the seven categories of competition.  Next, players bid on Consequence cards using Influence points (they gain by doing certain activities during the Activity phase), and players with winning bids can decide which families to apply the cards to (these cards also affect a family’s ratings in the seven categories of competition).  Finally, during the Activity phase, players take turns performing various actions, which allow them to do certain things (e.g. gamble and purchase insurance for their material possessions).  Certain activities also affect a family’s ratings in the categories of competition (e.g. families may take a vacation, which increases their Family Time rating, or go to a dance club, which increases their Social Life rating).  The winner—the family that fulfills its American dream—is the family who has the highest rating in the most categories at the end of the game.

The American Dream: Prototype Photos

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