Utopia: Detailed Description

Players assume the role of governors striving to establish prestigious civilizations, thanks to which the citizens they govern can prosper.  In the process, they will need to expand their civilization’s cultural influences, invest in mandatory infrastructure, research technologies and acquire territories.  Additionally, they may want to consider pursuing economic advancements that will enable them to generate more income in order to enhance their civilization faster.  They must also engage in diplomatic relations with neighboring governors and decide whether to keep such relations peaceful.  Each round begins with players taking turns drafting cards to add to their deck.  Players then draw three cards from their deck and decide which, if any, of them they want to fund.  Funding cards requires money, with more advantageous cards costing more money to fund.  Finally, players have the option to play cards that they have funded, at which point they carry out the directions on the cards.  Cards offer various effects and abilities, and fall under six main categories: 1) Infrastructure (players must fund these cards if they are drafted and subsequently drawn, and they offer no benefit), 2) Technological (used to invest in technologies, which yield significant Prestige points), 3) Economic (used to invest in economic advancements, which generate money faster), 4) Military (used to protect and expand a civilization’s territory), 5) Culture (which immediately yield a small number of Prestige points), and 6) People, Environment and Event (which elicit unique advantages and/or disadvantages that can dramatically alter the course of a game).  The game immediately ends when one of the following happens: 1) only one player’s Governor cube remains on the game board (in which case s/he is immediately declared the winner), 2) a player tallies 80 Prestige points (in which case s/he is immediately declared the winner), 3) the Armageddon Event card is played (in which case the player with the most Prestige points at that time wins) or 4) 20 rounds have been completed (at which point the player with the most Prestige points wins).

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