City Builders: Detailed Description

In City Builders, players aspire to build the most prestigious city by using city planners to recruit a variety of workers who perform a host of important tasks, like acquiring building contracts and ordering road construction.  Players move their city planners across a map depicting 11 cities, all of which offer a variety of blue collar workers and professionals, whom city planners must recruit before they can acquire building contracts (e.g. a player must recruit two doctors from any of the aforementioned cities before s/he can acquire the building contract for a hospital).  Once a building contract is acquired, a player must decide where to construct it on his/her city board, which represents the area of land on which his/her city is to be constructed.  Players earn Prestige points for most of the buildings they acquire, but only after the buildings are activated by an adjacent road.  The recruitment of workers and professionals, the acquisition of building contracts, road construction and a few other available tasks all cost money, and players must budget money wisely throughout the game in order to win.  Some may even choose to invest in economic buildings, like the multimillion-dollar corporation, which, instead of producing Prestige points, increase a player’s income.  Prestige point bonuses are awarded to the players with the most activated buildings in various categories (e.g. arts, academic, etc.), and the first player to accumulate 20 prestige points (and meet other minimal building requirements) wins.

City Builders: Prototype Photos

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