Academia: Detailed Description

As academics, players aim to climb the ranks of academia, beginning as Graduate Teaching Assistants (G.T.A.s), and then working their way up the ranks as Lecturers, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors, before finally becoming Full Professors.  Similarly, they begin teaching at lower-tier institutions, and apply for positions at top-tier institutions only after sufficiently building up their resume.  At the beginning of the game, each player must choose a subject (e.g. English, Geography and Psychology) and devise a teaching philosophy, which s/he does by declaring his/her view on five key aspects of teaching: 1) grading difficulty, 2) formality, 3) attitude toward disruptive students, 4) preference of private vs. public institutions and 5) importance of research vs. teaching.  These philosophies, in turn, affect various aspects of gameplay, including which of the 30 schools in the game will hire them.  A player wins the game by becoming the first to be promoted to Full Professor.  There are different paths by which players can accomplish this—e.g. they might focus on research and getting published, or they might choose to concentrate on teaching instead.

Academia: Prototype Photos

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