Medieval Mayhem: Detailed Description

This is a game of war, of medieval mayhem, yet part of what it takes to win the war might require periods of peace.  Players assume the role of medieval warlords and strive to dominate the world by controlling as many territories as possible, which they do by building powerful armies.  A game lasts 12 rounds (unless a player achieves victory sooner), and players take turns each round executing actions using 10 Action points.  Using these action points, players can produce the resources and/or gold associated with the territories they control, build units (which comprise their armies), move their armies and/or attack other warlords.  There are 12 territories on the game board, and each territory has three attributes randomly assigned to it at the beginning of the game: 1) a resource that it produces (resources are needed to build land, sea and other miscellaneous units), 2) a gold production value (gold is also needed to build these units) and 3) a Victory point value (Victory points are needed to win the game).  Controlling a territory yields the Victory points assigned to it, and a player can win the game by controlling territories that yield a predetermined number of Victory points, which is determined by the number of people playing (e.g. in a 2-player game, a player immediately wins the game if his/her territories are worth 12 or more Victory points).  The game ends when one of the following happens: 1) a player’s territories yield the predetermined number of Victory points needed for victory (at which point s/he is immediately declared the winner), 2) only one player controls any territories (at which point s/he is immediately declared the winner), or 3) 12 rounds have been played (in which case the player with the most Victory points wins).

Medieval Mayhem: Prototype Photos

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