Wild West Showdown: Detailed Description

In Wild West Showdown, players aim to quickly acquire wealth in the unpredictable and volatile wild west of nineteenth-century America, which they do primarily by searching for treasure, collecting rare plants, selling fish and animal hides (after first hunting and fishing in the wilderness), collecting bounties, performing odd jobs for strangers  they meet and visiting saloons in settlements.   They must travel from settlement to settlement in order to cash in on their money-making plots, and to do this they must traverse treacherous paths through the wilderness, paths that are frequented by dangerous animals (e.g. bears and buffalos), ruthless outlaws and other hazards (e.g. violent storms and poisonous plants), all of which can threaten a player’s livelihood.  To increase their chances for survival, players may upgrade their weapons, horses, fishing and botany skills, as well as purchase other useful items, but they will need to weigh these purchases carefully, since they cost money, which is what is ultimately needed to win the game. The game ends in one of two ways: 1) a player amasses $100 (in which case s/he is immediately declared the winner) or 2) only one player remains in the game (i.e. all other players have been eliminated from the game).

Wild West Showdown: Prototype Photos

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