Malus (MATURE): Detailed Description

In Malus(Latin for evil), players play the role of gang leaders vying to become the first “OG” (original gangsta) of the city of Malus via confrontation with rival gangs and a myriad of criminal activity.  Players earn “street cred” for controlling neighborhoods, dating girls, selling drugs, customizing classic cars, acquiring the best collection of music albums, getting tattoos, tagging their turf and so on.  The game ends when all but one player has been eliminated from the game (players are eliminated if they are forced to remove their Gang Leader cube from the board due to a confrontation with another gang), or when a player earns a predetermined amount of Street Cred (which is determined by the number of players).  In the first case, the lone player with a Gang Leader cube on the board is declared OG.  In the second scenario, the game ends immediately when a player earns the predetermined amount of Street Cred needed to win the game, and that player is immediately declared OG.  Six small game boards constitute the six “turfs” in the game, and, together, they comprise the city of Malus.  Each of these turfs contain locations that players can visit in order to facilitate their efforts (e.g. they may visit a record shop in order to purchase a record album to add to their music collection), and these locations are connected by a series of roads and back alleys.  These six game boards are randomly adjoined at the beginning of each game, resulting in a variety of city layouts.

Malus (MATURE): Prototype Photos

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