Hitman (MATURE): Detailed Description

Each player assumes the role of a doct—hitman, aiming to fulfill his/her contracts by taking out gang members associated with 6 notorious street gangs.  These gang members aren’t just victims, though—they also offer players the crucial weapons, vehicles and other special items that are necessary to carry out more demanding—but also more rewarding—contracts.

Players are paid money for fulfilling their contracts, and the winner of the game is the player who has the most money at the end of the game.  Players also earn money for executed gang members belonging to their “rival gang” (which is only revealed to others at the end of the game).  Additionally, they earn money for taking out gang members associated with the “strongest gang” at the end of the gang (i.e. the gang with the least members executed).

6 different ‘hood tiles, each with unique paths to traverse, are randomly adjoined at the beginning of each game, and the 30 gang members (5 per gang) are randomly assigned to the gang houses on the ‘hood tiles (5 gang houses per ‘hood tile).

Hitman (MATURE): Prototype Photos

Hitman (MATURE): Playtesting Photos

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