Band Manager: Detailed Description


In Band Manager, players assume the roles of band managers, aiming to become as legendary as the musicians they will recruit and sign to bands.  Band managers earn Fame by recruiting musicians and signing them to bands with various styles (e.g. blues, hip hop and rock), booking gigs for these bands at various venues (each with particular style preferences), producing albums, and by winning awards and recognition for their accomplishments.  The talent level of musicians varies dramatically, and each musician can play a specific role in a band (there are eight such roles: vocals, lead, rhythm, bass, percussion, keyboard, horns and DJ) and each only accommodates certain styles.  Each style of band requires certain roles to be fulfilled before a band of that style can be signed (and every style of band requires at least one musician that, in addition to performing one of the aforementioned roles, is also a song writer), while other roles are rendered either optional or unavailable for it—e.g. a country band requires vocals, rhythm and percussion, while lead, bass, keyboard and horns are optional and DJ is not permitted.  Additionally, musicians are rated in four categories: role, song-writing, live performance and studio.  Each of these ratings affects how much Fame that musician’s band will generate when performing gigs, producing albums and receiving awards and recognition.  Ultimately, band managers aim to earn more Fame then their competitors, as the band manager with the most Fame at the end of the game is declared the winner.  They must carefully decide whether they want to try and put together an all-star band that generates significant Fame but takes longer to form, or to quickly churn out lower-quality bands that begin generating Fame much earlier.  A game of Band Manager lasts four years, and each year consists of two phases: “Seasons” and “Awards & Recognition.”  The Seasons phase, during which the majority of the game takes place, is divided into four individual seasons (which are essentially rounds): Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter (seasons occur in this order).  Each of the four seasons is carried out in the same fashion, although the style preferences of venues and other factors will change from season to season.  During every season, players take turns executing two actions, one action at a time, first in clockwise direction for their first action, then in counterclockwise direction for their second action (i.e. the two actions are carried out in serpentine fashion).  Following each Seasons phase is a brief Awards and Recognition phase, at which point band managers earn Fame for various achievements.  Once the fourth year is completed, a concluding Awards Ceremony takes place and the band manager with the most Fame is declared the winner.

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