Apocalyptic Heroes: Detailed Description

Teddy Tuna

You are an aspiring hero—an apocalyptic hero!—destined to save the world from doomsday.  However, you are not alone—several other would-be apocalyptic heroes want to beat you to the glorified rank of…”Apocalyptic Hero!”  Be the first to save the world by (1) collecting Scrolls bequeathed by legendary wizards, then (2) reaching the Apocalyptic Hero! tile.  Random Land tiles are adjoined at the beginning of the game, and each Land tile has unique geographical characteristics.  Random maps coupled with a bevy of variants means that Apocalyptic Heroes yields tremendous replayability.  It also features a unique card mechanic revolving around Energy cards, which requires players to use the same cards to both traverse different kinds of terrain (i.e. “Agility”) and to move a certain number of spaces (i.e. “Speed”).  A card that has a high Speed value has a low Agility value, and vice versa.  Players are limited to 6 cards, so they must plot the use of their energy wisely.  Another interesting dilemma players are confronted with is when to use their turn to rest, rather than to play Energy cards and move, as resting provides the only opportunity for players to acquire more Energy cards.  Factor in “Dueling,” wherein players face-off against each other using these same Energy cards, and the usage of energy becomes a constant source of tension for them.

Apocalyptic Heroes: Prototype Photos

Apocalyptic Heroes: Playtesting Photos

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