Spy Society: Detailed Description

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12 Characters roam the city streets: some belong to secret Spy Societies and others are Rogues who have no such affiliation.  At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned Characters who will serve as his/her Spy Society.  The winner of the game is the player whose Spy Society earns the most points, and players garner points by primarily doing two things: 1) completing missions to collect payment and 2) assassinating Spies belonging to their opponents’ Spy Societies.  Interestingly, all players influence the movement and actions of all 12 Characters in the city, and the trick is to carefully amass wealth with one’s own secret Spy Society Characters without revealing who his/her Characters actually are; if others find out who these Characters are, they will assassinate them in order to earn points for themselves.  What’s more, one’s assassinated Characters are sent to the Cemetery and won’t be able to complete any more missions, either.  However, this isn’t a bloodbath—players must kill with discretion and assassinate the right Characters, as the punishment for assassinating a Rogue (i.e. a non player-controlled Character) is stiff.

Spy Society: Prototype Photos

Spy Society: Playtesting Photos

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