Jack Bradley Racing: Detailed Description

helmetJack Bradley Racing is a game for 2-6 players that was designed to be accessible to almost all ages while still offering enough meaningful choices to keep seasoned gamers interested.  The basic game is simple enough to be played by young children.  An additional set of Tactics cards are offered in the advance game; these cards allow players to perform special actions during the course of play, yielding more depth for those who desire a deeper gaming experience.

Each round consists of two phases: draft and move.  First, beginning with the player who is currently in last place, players draft a new card to take into their hand; they always have 3 cards in hand at this point (they will have two at the completion of the round).  Players then each choose one card from their hand to play for the round and place it face down in front of them.  Cards are simultaneously revealed, and players take turns moving their cars on the track according to the cards played.  Besides the variable tracks, the cards are the main component driving the game.  Cards reveal two numbers, one determining awareness (i.e. turn order) and another determining speed (i.e. the number of spaces on the track players may move).  The catch is that cards higher in speed yield a lower awareness.  This can be especially problematic when vying for good position (e.g. around turns), as a player may get cut off on the track, so that s/he is unable to move forward and, thus, is unable to move all of the spaces s/he is permitted.  This means players will have to choose when to play conservative and go for good positioning on the track, versus play aggressive and try to burn by opponents.  Ultimately, races are almost always close all the way to the finish line, thanks to the core mechanics—last place players select new cards first and the benefit of moving more spaces is offset by less optimal track positioning.

Jack Bradley Racing: Prototype Photos

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