Born to Box: Detailed Description

boxing_gloveBoxing aficionados say “styles make fights,” and that’s certainly true in Born to Box.  Players must first customize their boxers by using ten different kinds of cards to create a starting deck consisting of 20 Boxing cards.  Players may include any combination of Boxing cards, with only one limitation: they can’t have more than five of any particular kind of card.  The cards available represent different elements of the sport of boxing and are as follows: Power, Speed, Agility, Counter, Heart, Defense, Technique, Toughness, Trainer and Stamina.

So, you’ve established your style…now the question is: will you come out swinging, or conserve your energy for the later rounds?  Players also have a deck of 12 Energy cards, and victory can be decided by players’ effective use of their Energy cards—i.e. they must decide when the most opportune time to expend their energy is throughout the course of a fight.  Players have the same set of 12 Energy cards, which determine the players’ intensity (i.e. how many Boxing cards they may draw from their deck), concentration (i.e. how many of those cards drawn they may activate) and composure (i.e. who will determine turn order) values for the round.  Cards with higher intensity and concentration values have lower composure values.

To begin a round, players take turns playing one Energy card from those they have remaining (they cannot play a card with the same composure value played by another player).  Each player then draws a certain number of Boxing cards corresponding to the Energy card s/he played, and the player who plays the card with the highest composure value decides who will play offense first; players then take turns playing offense and defense.  Drawn Boxing cards can be activated throughout the various phases of a round: offense, defense and corner (i.e. after both players have played offense).  At the conclusion of a round, each player must add a Fatigue card, which yields no benefit, to his/her deck–hence, these cards clog a player’s deck as the fight progresses, especially a player using a boxer without any stamina.

There are three ways to win the fight: 1) KO = the opponent is knocked down due to too much damage to a critical area (Left Head, Right Head, Left Body or Right Body) and cannot activate a Heart card, 2) TKO = an opponent is knocked down 3 times or 3) by decision = the opponent has more knockdowns and/or overall damage to the four critical areas when number of rounds comprising the match have been completed.


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