Strangeland: Detailed Description


In Strangeland, players assume the role of heroes seeking Fame in a variety of ways, including finding treasure, discovering new territories, forming alliances with kings, fighting creatures, brewing potions, fulfilling quests and casting certain spells.  The game has an “RPG” feel insofar as players must choose which of six attributes they want to improve during the course of the game.  In turn, each attribute improves their chances of victory in different ways: Fortitude (determines how many dice may be rolled at the beginning of a player’s turn and how many rerolls s/he is allowed); Agility (determines how many spaces a player may traverse with each die used for travel and what kind of Land spaces (e.g. desert, swamp, etc.) s/he may travel through); Awareness (determines how adept heroes are at discovering treasures and finding and entering Temples and Dungeons); Strength (determines a hero’s base Strength rating during battle); Witchcraft (determines how many Ingredient cards may be used when brewing potions); Sorcery (determines how many Magic Points a player has available to cast spells during each turn).

Strangeland:  Prototype Photos

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