About the Designer

Brad Musil discovered the world of strategy board games in 2008, and he’s been obsessively exploring this world since then, purchasing and playing many of the top-ranked games available. Additionally, he has designed 31 games himself, many of which will be featured and sold by Muscle Board Games.

In 2010, he submitted American Numismatists to the Milwaukee Rio Grande Design Contest, and was named runner-up. As a result of this experience, he grew confident that his games could appeal to—and make a lasting impression on—those who are most involved in the gaming community. His dream is to become an established game designer, and he launched Muscle Board Games in 2012 in an effort to make that dream become a reality.

Musil also teaches philosophy classes at Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, and he is currently ABD in the Ph.D. program in philosophy at the University of Kansas (he has an M.A. in philosophy from Boston College and a B.S. in psychology from the University of Nebraska-Kearney).

When he’s not playing games, he’s busy taking care of his three children, ages 4, 2 and 5 months.  His 4-year-old daughter has already demonstrated her penchant for gaming (which he loves),  asking daily to play endless games of UNO (which he doesn’t love). [UPDATE: they now play Zooloretto King of Tokyo incessantly.]

You can check out his Board Game Geek profile here.  He also regularly plays games online at yucata.de, and you can see his profile for that site here.

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