About the Venture


Muscle Board Games provides fun and educational strategy board games incorporating unique and interesting themes and gameplay mechanics, most of which are suitable for the entire family and only take an hour or less to play—exercising the mind has never been so much fun!


Muscle Board Games  offers games that are successful in five key respects (they comprise the venture’s winning strategy, if you will) :

  1. Fun to play (based on feedback from play testers)
  2. Simple, yet strategic, gameplay
  3. Unique—interesting themes and game play mechanics
  4. Quality components and artwork—an appealing visual experience
  5. Average playing time is an hour or less



Brad Musil: Owner & Game Designer

Abigail Musil: Team Morale & Prototype Presentation

Jack Musil: Team Morale & Prototype Presentation

Daniel Davis: Playtesting & Quality Oversight


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