Race to the White House: Detailed Description

Players assume the role of candidates vying to win the election and become the next President of the United States.  At the beginning of the game, candidates create political profiles, which outline their agendas and their platform (i.e. their positions on a number of contentious issues, such as abortion and illegal immigration) for their upcoming campaign.  A candidate’s agendas and platform greatly affect what cities and districts the player will most appeal to.  Candidates claim districts, a certain number of which they need to claim in order to win the game, by travelling to and gathering the most segments of support from cities within those districts.  They garner segments of support from cities by delivering speeches to the citizens of those cities.  The citizens of each particular city require that a candidate possess certain kinds of influence (“Influence points”), and every city possesses a unique political character consisting of a general political disposition, as well as a combination of platform and agenda preferences, all of which can restrict a candidate from delivering a speech in that city.  Influence is mostly acquired by traveling the country and absorbing the different kinds of influence (i.e. collecting Influence points) that various cities offer, but it may also be attained by playing a Campaign Event card (e.g. Hollywood Hookup) or by trading with other players (i.e. an “exchange of information”).

Race to the White House: Prototype Photos

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