American Numismatists: Detailed Description

In American Numismatists (“numismatist” can refer to any coin-collecting enthusiast, but usually refers to someone who is an expert in this field), players assume the roles of rare American coin dealers serving various wealthy coin collectors. The goal is to become the most credible dealer by scoring Credibility Points (the first player to reach 10 Credibility Points on his or her turn wins), which is done primarily by servicing these collectors. Each round, players take turns, one-by-one, using all five of the Action points they are allotted. Among other things, these action points allow them to travel to coin shops in order to purchase the coins they need to satisfy their collectors. Unfortunately, theft is always a threat in the coin business, and players will need to make wise use of their safes, which, for one action, they can access in order to secure up to three of their coins. Players can also use their Action points to conduct research and make investments, which provide additional ways to gain credibility. All 90 coins in the game (15 coins in each of 6 denominations: 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ and $1) are individually ranked in terms of their value, and the player who possesses the most valuable coin nets an additional Credibility point.

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